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Filament PVA Natural 600G avec cartouche


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FILAMENT ABS NATURAL 600G avec cartouche

Pour Da Vinci et Da Vinci Pro. Pas compatible avec les modèles Junior et Mini

Ø 1,75 mm 

Product Description

XYZprinting produces high quality ABS filaments that offer longer lifespan, better impact resistance, and finer appearance that makes it suitable for external components or model parts. Additionally, you can easily use common modeling tools to decorate, assemble or connect different parts to create your perfect work.

Easy to install filament cartridges available in many vivid colors. XYZprinting filament cartridges are designed and tested to ensure that there is no distortion in color or form ensuring your designs come out perfect every time.

XYZprinting Filament
The XYZprinting Filament Cartridges have versatile materials allowing you to make quick models or detailed products with your da Vinci 3D printer.

XYZprinting Refill
Filament refills come in small sizes for space-economy and can be used at any given notice, allowing 3D printer operators and hobbyists to do their part for environmental protection while exercising their creative powers.

Put to the test
The XYZprinting filament is extensively tested on the da Vinci and XYZware to ensure that it performs consistently to the highest standards of 3D printing.

Color & Form
XYZprinting’s vividly colored filament is engineered and tested to make sure that there is no distortion in the color and form of the filament.

Easy to replace filament
The XYZprinting filament has been designed to be easy to install and replace. The da Vinci will also notify you when the filament is running low so you don’t run out.

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